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10 Moments That Bring Parents Laugh

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On 14 April, the International moments-of-laughter-day 2016th

On this day, all people should be encouraged to laugh, because laughing you know, is considered the best medicine . Has invented the day the American author and Humorologe (yes, this profession there really!) Izzy Gesell, the so people wanted to animate laugh worldwide.

Gesell believes that laughter after breathing is the healthiest thing a man can do.Laughter is the stress reduction and the improvement of self-confidence.

We asked mothers and fathers, what they laugh brings in their offspring .

Here are the top 10:

1. I have to laugh every day when my 1.5 year old daughter dead serious explains how the world works. This ranges from “Mama drink water!” with wild Gefuchtel to “Only Stinka, then eat” what I find funniest.

Or “No Mama! Do not wash “- with violent Kopfgeschüttel if I want to fill the washing machine, it is to shoot as little perceive everything and have their point of view.

2. If my daughter is a wet peck before breakfast.

3. Do always bring those moments to laugh when my son feels unobserved and alone Playmobil or Lego toys. I love watching him there and listen especially. The dialogues of his characters are a scream, and in the formulations I recognize myself and my husband again. Very funny are also talks about bowel movements with his buddies … What is men replace yourself at that age already!

4. If I am traveling again with top styled child while wearing Dutt, sweatpants and dark circles.

5. The best laugh for me is children’s laughter, especially when my own kids laugh, as if they concoct something to hide or replace their newly acquired kindergarten and school sayings among themselves and snagged with laughter. This is so contagious that I then have to laugh too loud.

6. About my animals! For example, if my cat tries to catch the happy wagging tail of my dog.

7. When Liv laughs. Children’s laughter is contagious simple and it’s just nice to look at, through which simple things to look forward to, which are already forgotten in our complicated adult world. And if you sometimes occurs as a plentiful exaggerated comedy, laughter is often the only sensible answer. Recently on an airplane toilet, 20 rows behind our place when I Liv wound (which already is a challenge with 2 meters there) and they then also had diarrhea and everything is **** was.

8. I have to laugh when I want to give my kids a good morning kiss and he, still half asleep, nibbling on my nose. Probably hoping it is breakfast nipples!

9. Approximately every episode of “Sex and the City”! At that time like today! I stand mainly on the humor of Samantha! The is just as dirty as mine. Then a meeting with my best girlfriends. On a really shitty day, we have lunch and suddenly the world around me is no longer so dark! On the contrary! Oh and my son, of course, but writes here determines any / r.

10. When she clenches her fists in anger and throwing the head back and heartbreaking howls and roars, as if the world below, just because they want to give up an old banana peel.


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