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American Pharoah wins at the Haskell

American Pharoah

The amazing horse has done it again! American Pharoah won the Haskell Invitational event on Sunday. The fans crowded at the New Jersey track to witness another victory of that champion horse, and they returned home watching the Triple Crown winner finishing first. American Pharoah is the only 12th horse in the history to win the prestigious Triple Crown in this century.

The special horse ran in front of a jam-packed crowd of almost 61,000 who were eagerly waiting to see Pharoah getting back at the track after winning the Triple Crown. They cheered and whistled when Pharoah made it on the track. The Monmouth Park was ready for him to show his prominence on the track once again. Springsteen’s popular ‘Born to Run’ was on the air, perfectly matched the situation as everyone expected to see Pharoah pulling off another speedy win.

American Pharoah totally dominated every other horse on the track as he completed the 11/8 mile course, keeping a modest rate 21/4-length when he finished the race in just 1.47 minutes. Pharoah was followed by keen Ice and Upstart who were the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

Pharoah was behind Competitive Edge from the beginning of the race, but at the final stage, jockey Victor Espinoza came back to win the 8th consecutive race event. Winner Pharoah’s team received a massive sum of $1.75 million for finishing first which just increased his career total to $5.5 million.
Pharoah proud trainer Bob Baffert spoke to the media. He said that the three-year-old horse had given its best in every race it had appeared. He also added that the crowd was exceptional on the stand as they cheered for Pharoah. He admitted that he loved the crowd’s support and would love to race again on this track.

Espinoza said that the colt ran like the Triple Crown event and other horses didn’t have the pace to keep up with him. He added that the race was quite easy for him, and after starting behind Competitive Edge, he was pretty focused on coming back to finish first.

Reportedly, American Pharoah will finish his professional racing career in this October- probably retiring earlier than others.

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