Call of Duty Trailer: Black Ops 3 Beta released for the PS4 players details

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Treyarch have released the beta version of Black Ops 3 only for the PS4 owners. The players will need a code to play the multiplayer mode online which they can avail by preordering the game on the PlayStation Store. The official release of Black Ops 3 will hit the market on the 6 November.

The PlayStation has confirmed that anybody can play the beta version, but to do so, a player must have to make a pre-order of the game. The players will need the beta code to play the multiplayer mode online. This code will be available after completing the pre-order.

The beta version will be available for the players from 19 to 23 August. So, it’s a very short time indeed, but it really worth it. The new features will be available in the beta, so players will obviously be thrilled to experience all the new elements.

The beta will provide three maps for the players. They are ‘Haunted’- a place in the Ethiopian mountains, ‘Combine’- an agricultural facility situated in the barren area of Sahara desert and ‘Evac’- a deserted evacuation area in the flood affected Singapore.

Several types of modes will be available in the beta for the gamers to fight it out with each other. They can play the dominition, demolition, kill confirmed, hardpoint, search and destroy and deathmatch. They can form a team and have a nerve-racking death match. The campaign and zombie mode won’t be playable in the beta version.

The gameplay is pretty similar to the previous versions. The key feature is that in the beta version new and improved characters have been included each having unique qualities.

The movement system has also been improved as it will allow the gamers to slide easily, make a power jump over the walls and get the advantage of newly added the wall-run system.

The landscape and the assembly of the maps look more efficient than its predecessors.

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