Cavaliers have Lost Their Guard Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers’ dream to end their 51-year major trophy drought has received a blow when their guard Kyrie Irving wounded his left kneecap in the NBA Finals on Thursday. Cavaliers also lost the Game 1 to the Golden State Warriors, which ended in 108-100. Reportedly Irving won’t be able to appear in the upcoming matches of the Finals.

During the overtime of the most-viewed Game 1 ever, Irving got the shocking injury. While trying to go beyond Warriors’ Guard Klay Thompson, Irving lost his balance and fractured his left knee.

The MRI report of the Stanford Sports Medicine Clinic disclosed the damage of his left knee. He must go through an operation and the surgery will most likely be done at the Cleveland Clinic as soon as possible. The recovery will take 3-4 months, the Cavs confirmed in a press release.

Losing Irving can be fatal as it could prolong the Cavaliers’ misery of not winning any significant professional championship in 51-year.

But Irving can get some motivation from the history of previous NBA Finals, which shows that there were some brave players who had fought against bad injuries to make the miracle of coming back and winning the trophy.

In 1949, Minneapolis Lakers’ George Mikan had wounded his wrist in the Game 4 and was anticipated to miss the last part of BAA. But he came back and played the Game 5 in which he scored 22 points. He scored 40 points in the Game 6 and led his team to win their very first NBA trophy.

In 1970, Knicks’ Willis Reed torn a leg muscle in the Game 5 and couldn’t play the Game 6. He was not imagined to appear in the Game 7 but right before the match; he came to the court and delivered a match-winning performance to give the Lakers a shocking defeat.

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