Clash of Clans important tips and trick

Clash of Clans important tips and trick

Clash of Clans has become one of the most popular online games these days. People of all ages, including male female have become addicted to this game surprisingly. It’s a strategy based game where a player need to build a distinctive village after becoming a part of a certain clan and invade other’s village to catch hold of as many loots as possible.

The most important thing is that a player must protect his/her own village from the greedy invaders. There are some intriguing tricks to help the strategy based game freaks.

First of all, a gamer must train his/her troops to gain advantage in the Invades. There are different types of troops in the game with particular abilities. The Archers are very useful in long range battle, but they will not last long in a battle. The Giants are very destructive in a battle with their high damage rate. They have monstrous strengths which also make them a little bit sluggish. The Barbarians can be a good choice as they are agile and have the ability to inflict destruction in the opponent’s troops.

Secondly, several new dark spells have been added by the developers in the latest update of the game. They also included lots of new tricks for the players. The gamers now have the opportunity to increase their mastery with the help of this new dark spells.

Thirdly, a player must come up with a good strategy to invade highly defensive villages. At first, it will be easy to inflict high damage with the troops, but as a player starts to climb up the level, he/she will have to face highly protected villages. A player must understand the strategy of his opponent in order to set perfect troops to make an invasion successful.

Fourthly, a player must protect his/her resources from the invaders. It should be noted that the village can be attacked in offline mode, so if any player is not online that doesn’t mean that his/her village won’t be invaded. So, to protect the resources one must start to provide expensive training to the troops right before logging off. And after logging in, a player can cancel the trainings and get back the resources. So, if his/her village suffers an attack, he/she can have some resources by which he/she can start anew.

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