Controversial Launching of US Open 2015

US Open 2015

The prestigious 2015 United States US Open Championship began in the course of the Chambers Bay stationed in Washington D.C on Thursday. The first day finished with some mixed feelings from the participants. The grass of the course gave some hard times to the players as they struggled to cope up with harsh turf. Several players criticized the ground, but at the end of the day, some came up with brilliant results. Once again Tiger Woods failed to perform according to his name and scored his career worst.

The Spanish golfer, Sergio Garcia didn’t imagine that he would face this kind of trouble at the course. He later on said on the social media that this kind of major championship should be arranged on better surface. The arid surface of the course didn’t make him happy despite his first day’s good performance. He scored 70 par-level on the first day. The current leader in the world ranking Rory Mcllroy also criticized the surface. The opening day didn’t see his best form, managed to end the day with two-over 72. He said that he had seen far better course than this.

The pitch has raised some arguments as this kind of high-status tournament must be arranged on a suitable surface to bring out better performance from the golfers. But the United States Golf Association failed to provide a player-friendly course. Colin Montgomerie addressed the surface as awfully defective, and believed that the players wouldn’t be able to draw out the best feats on this surface. The

Scottish veteran golfer doubted that players would find it hard to pot 10-footers which they usually could. Montgomerie was furious with the long distance that he had to cross to reach the 8th hole. The Chambers Bay became bone-dry as the day advanced giving nightmares to the participants. The former mine of gravel and sand, was turned into a golf course back in the 2007. Not only the players, but also the audiences had to endure some problems as they missed some of the actions because of the bizarre design of the ground. There were five holes completely out of the sight of the spectators.

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