Cristiano Ronaldo fooled Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo fooled Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo successfully pulled off a prank in the middle of the Madrid town. The superstar disguised himself to blend in the streets to entertain the people. The one of all time best footballers of the history of this sport acted quite well-enough to enjoy some time with the passersby strolling around the Plaza de Callao.

The celebrity footballer disguised himself as a beggar and wandered with a football to show some of his skills. He fooled everyone by his ‘homeless’ look. He had to undergo some serious make-ups and fake his identity to nail down this prank successfully. With fake beard, disheveled hair and slightly fat attire; he got himself ready to fool the passersby.

Some photos of this event got leaked on the internet, but the full video hit the YouTube recently. The video of this prank got released on the YouTube which revealed that Ronaldo started to walk towards the downtown of Madrid with a white dog and blue colored bag around his shoulder. He tied his dog with a chair and pulled out the football from his bag. Then he started to show-off some skill-moves with his agile feet.

No one was interested in the homeless guy showing some tricks with a football; in fact, they literally ignored the presence of a beggar who was trying to earn some money. They didn’t pay any attention and walked passed him, which was quite disappointing for the Ballon D’Or winner. But the agile winger remained patient and continued his performance. Ronaldo then teased the passersby with some nutmegs and luckily one guy responded, trying to tackle the world’s one of the greatest footballers.

At the very end, Ronaldo got a small kid to play with and show some amazing skill. Ronaldo performed some of his dribbling tricks to deceive the kid who was trying to defend him from getting forward with the ball; as if they were playing a match.

Ronaldo ended his venture in the open street of Madrid by removing his fake beard and hair. The lucky kid was surprised to see the Real Madrid superstar in front of him. Ronaldo had a little chitchat with the kid who received the ball signed by the winger.

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