Disco Massacre in Orlando: “A Tragedy for the Entire Nation”

Disco Massacre in Orlando

A man with an automatic weapon in a nightclub, killing 50 people. Once again, the United States are in shock. But the massacre of Orlando was obviously more than a rampage.

Before Pulse is on normal weekends busy. The nightclub is located on a major thoroughfare in downtown Orlando. Many guests who dance here until into the morning, then go to breakfast like going to Dunkin ‘Donuts or the Wendy’s next door: Donuts and Burger.

This Sunday, however, the whole area is spaciously protected. Police cars blocking the entrance to the pulses. Police securing the area. Robot be moved, probably to secure explosives.

An official sits on the sidewalk and puts silence his face in his hands. He’s in shock. The whole country is in shock.

The balance of the night is revealed only in the morning. A shooter stormed the popular disco and caused a massacre. As Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer übernächtigt occurs before the TV cameras, is believed to have only questioned: 50 deaths, 53 injured . “A tragedy for the entire nation,” said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

It is the most devastating attack of a single shooter in the history of USA.

“This looks like radical Islam”

Even worse. is known, the more this carnage, the clearer it becomes: This was probably a lot more than the rampage a Waffennarrs.

Initial findings on the alleged perpetrators seep amazingly fast through – especially about his possible connection to radical Islam. “We have evidence that the individual could have inclinations toward this specific ideology,” says FBI District Chief Ronald Hopper.

Congressman Adam Schiff – a Democrat who sits in the intelligence committee, not normally prone to political scaremongering – says later on CNN, he had heard that the alleged perpetrator had (IS) made the terrorist militia “Islamic State” an oath of allegiance. “This looks like radical Islam,” says his Republican Congress colleague Devin Nunes, the well-informed chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

Five hours after the carnage, the US media identified the shooter as Omar Saddiqui M., 29, of which 200 kilometers away Port St. Lucie. FBI Chief District Hopper confirmed that the alleged perpetrator is identified, without, however, first to give his name. The “Washington Post” and “New York Times” report, M. was a US citizen, his parents came from Afghanistan. A member says the “Washington Post”, the family was under shock and do them very sorry for what had happened.

Why the perpetrator – in June, the “Gay Pride Month” – a nightclub for gays and lesbians chose, remains unclear. The Pulse is a popular meeting place for homosexuals, especially Latinos. The Saturday party called “Upscale Latin Saturday” – three DJs, a drag show. “Time to celebrate,” the Facebook page of the club attracts even hours before the massacre.

The next Facebook Post follows at 2:09 in the night of Sunday and suddenly sounds very, very different – anxious, chaotic, panicky: ” Everyone get out of pulse and keep running .” “All out of pulses and keep running.”

Eyewitnesses describe dramatic scenes

Inside already raging inferno. Seven minutes before the last Facebook entry, the first findings of the authorities, the perpetrator has a fantastic club. He wears an AR-15 assault rifle, a handgun, and something that the police later than “possible explosive devices” describes. “It seems that he had been organized and well prepared,” said police chief Mina.

Although it is just under half an hour until the closing of the premises, talk at the time more than 300 guests on the dance floor, at the bars and in the sitting areas. The music, witnesses was so loud that you have not even noticed the shots.

“At first I thought the shots were part of the music,” says clubbers Kenneth Melendez the local newspaper “Orlando Sentinel “. “I started to run and saw one who was bleeding from the arm, and thought, wow, this is really happening.” Four of his friends were wounded. The Pulse has always been such a safe environment, “in which one could live.”

“I’ve dropped me and crawled’m out”, the disco guest Christopher Hansen says. “People tried to escape through the back of the club.” He had helped someone on the floor: “I was not sure whether he was dead or still alive.” He had tied his scarf and set it on the open gunshot wound to the back of the man in order to stop the bleeding.

“All fell to the ground”, also says Rosie Feba, who had taken her friend for the first time with the “Pulse”. “I told her that this was not real, I thought it was music until I saw how came from his gun fire.”

Four hours takes the massacre

“People screamed and ran and sought their friends,” the eyewitness Anthony Torres writes on his Facebook page. “It was surreal.”

Hansen and others report from 40 to 50 shots. A civil servant who worked for the club, had come with the shooter a firefight and chased him outside. After another exchange of fire with other officers of the offenders were re-run in the club and have taken dozens hostage. Finally, a SWAT SWAT should be engaged.
But until five o’clock in the morning the command to start a rescue attempt. Nine cops storm the club with an armored vehicle and detonated two explosive devices. Around 30 hostages were rescued, said police chief Mina. Many were hiding in corners of the huge clubs and in a toilet.

On the Facebook page of pulses countless condolences run a. “Please pray for all, while we cope with this tragic incident,” writes the club. “Thank you for your thoughts and your love.”


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