How to uninstall Candy Crush from Windows 10 to save your time?

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Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 10 has the trendy gaming-app Candy Crush pre-installed in it which is no generating some problems. The users, who are addicted to this game, are thinking that this app can make them while away their valuable time. As the game is pre-installed, many are now having trouble to properly uninstall it from their OS.

Candy Crush has become widely popular, after having been released by King Digital Entertainment in 2014. Now, almost every person, including male and female have become crazy with this game. The game is based on the logic that you have to arrange similar-looking candies in a row either vertically or horizontally to make them burst. The more level you progress the more difficult it becomes. You have to play sensibly to finish a level as quick as possible. For its interesting game play, people have developed a great liking for this app. People are now talking about their addiction to this game, has compelled them to waste a huge amount of their time, and when they find Candy Crush pre-installed in the latest version of Windows, certain questions was raised about the process of deleting the game permanently from the PC.

Windows has always come up with Hearts, Solitaire and Minesweeper pre-installed so far. This time, Microsoft has introduced Candy Crush in their most recent operating system Windows 10. Although there is a doubt among the users that the app is not actually pre-installed.

Whether it’s pre-installed or not, the users can uninstall it by right clicking on the app and choosing ‘uninstall’ option. If this doesn’t work out, then the users have to follow some instruction which is given below.

To uninstall the app, you need to go to the ‘Windows Powershell’ to remove it. Go to search box, type powershell to avail the command prompt. Then, copy and paste this: Get-AppxPackage –Name Try to find, Then type ‘PackageFullName’ and press ‘Enter’. By doing this, uninstallation will be done, and the app will be removed permanently.

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