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I/O Developer conference in San Francisco

I/O Developer

Google’s annual I/O Developer conference is starting from this Thursday. Apparently the conference is for the developers, but this is undoubtedly a platform for Google to show off its latest additions in different IT and technology sectors. Some surprises were expected to come like last year’s announcement of Android L (later Lollipop), Android Auto, Android Wear devices, Chromecast Features, and more.
We can take more names which are rumored to be announced at this San Francisco Conference.

Android M: Google left a touch of this new coming when it’s rescheduled the I/O. It was mentioned in one of its sessions. Google tried to keep it confidential, but news relating this has come time to time. Maintaining the legacy from Android L, it will also have a developer preview accessible after the keynote. It’s assumed to be compatible for recent Nexus devices only like Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. It may also have a fingerprint lock
system. A newly structured permission system along with developed security system is also expected. Android M is supposed to help in keeping battery usage down by stop pinging of the background apps.
Android chief Sundar Pichai has made it sure to launch Android Pay, but didn’t give full details. Probably Pay is to help the app developers with a secure NFC payment method. Fingerprint authentication is a future plan to be added in Android Pay.

Android Wear: iOS supported Android Wear watches may be launched. It’s a long time rumor flying around techno market. Software changes will hardly be done, new hardware arrangements are more likely to happen. There’re rumors of two Android Wear watches to be featured. One of these is rumored to have an Intel processor and Tag Heuer’s hardware. According to the news floating around the price might be around $1,400.

New Google Photos: Google’s photo platform is to be re-launched and it is rumored to happen at I/O. It is supposed to be synchronized with Google. Having its own URL at it is supposed to impress the users with its auto backup, sorting and auto categorization and sharing features.

Except these Chromecast 2, Brillo IoT, Project ARA and Glass are also rumored to rock San Francisco’s I/O. Chromecast was launched two years ago and proved to be a success. And now they’re ready to bring again another superb hardware. It stands for ‘Internet of things’. This is an operating system to collaborate all home devices. Project ARA and Glass are other two most ambitious projects of Google. Most of the rumors are ready to be true; let’s see what big surprises are actually waiting for the techno world.

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