Jennifer Lawrence wants More “X-Men” Movies

Mutants fans share in the excitement. On May 19 will be “X-men: Apocalypse” finally launched in cinemas. With this third film, which is in the consequently, roles that has popular Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender (39), James McAvoy (36), Nicholas Hoult (26), Oscar Isaac (36) and of course the mega-star and Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence (25), finished the trilogy by Bryan Singer(50). To the great disappointment of Mystique actress Jen.

One would think that the 25-year-old was happy to have finished this chapter. Finally, it was during the filming of the new part of the end of 2013, that Jennifer is in the X-Men gage contract feel trapped and would have been in the third film like no longer. But now it seems to a stark change to have had or but the former reports was invented, the actress would like more “X-Men” movies do!

As Empire said, Jennifer is the conclusion “X-Men” trilogy incredibly become melancholy and want to simply not definitively say goodbye of their mystique character: “I want to return as much. I love these movies. I love to be a part of them. I like ensemble films because, in them, not the entire responsibility on the shoulders is a person.”

Unlike with hunger games, where she was the absolute star of the franchise as Katniss Everdeen, it is part of a large team at “X-Men”, and consequently the pressure to succeed, which always resonates in Hollywood is divided. However, will it do now probably without ‘X-Men’?

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