John Cena suffered frightening nose injury

John Cena

The WWE superstar John Cena broke his nose during his confrontation against Seth Rollins on Monday. The Prototype ended the ‘Monday Night Raw’ with a bloody nose. He won the heart of the fans winning that vital match and showing that professional wrestling is not pre-arranged drama. Cena comprehensively defeated Rollins and defended his title.

The famous celebrity wrestler fought bravely once again in the ring which is a common scenario, if we look up to his impressive career. His hand was raised after the brutal match against Rollins. He received a lethal blow on his face during the match. Rollins smashed his knee right on Cena’s nose, which left him bleeding gruesomely.

The 29-year-old Rollins compelled Cena to give his best, and Cena handled it quite astoundingly. Cena got knocked down on the mat right after the match had begun. Rollins’ surprising assault on ‘The Architect’ made Cena collapsed with a severe nose-injury. But the champion wrestler fought back and finished the match bearing that injury. Cena proved that everything is not pre-planned in the WWE and showed an immense spirit and dedication for the sport.

WWE authority confirmed that Cena’s nose got fractured after the match. They tweeted that the superstar suffered a nose breaking injury in the Monday’s RAW match.

Steve Daquino, WWE official doctor, confirmed Cena’s nose injury news. He said after the match that Cena’s nose might be displaced by Rollins knee-bump. Cena was sent to the hospital to assess the damage, according to him. He further said that doctors would check him to decide the future steps in the recovery process.

The ‘Trainwreck’ star won the match to defend his ‘United Sates Championship’ title. He will have a chance to win the ‘WWE World Heavyweight Championship’ title on August 23 when he will face Rollins; the current title-holder of that category.

Cena was appreciated by his present girlfriend Nikki Bella, who is also a WWE pro-wrestler, for his tough mentality during the Monday’s match.

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