Microsoft warns of blackmail Trojans ZCrypt

Trojans ZCrypt

Microsoft warns ZCrypt – a new Trojan, who has it in for USB drives and priority is to meet the predecessor of Windows 10.

Microsoft warns of a new Trojan horse that has it in USB disks that are involved earlier than Windows 10 versions of Windows. The pest called ZCrypt spreads via phishing attacks, malicious Flash Installer or macro code in e-mail attachments. ZCrypt encrypted USB disks or sticks and calls according to The Register about 500 US dollars in the currency Bitcoin. If the user of this requirement by not within a few days, the ransom increasing to more than 2,200 US dollars.

According to Microsoft , the 64-bit version of Windows XP and Windows 7 and Windows 8 are affected. Infected drives are no longer usable and copy the threat to any other computer to which the drive is connected.According to Microsoft Windows 10 is immune. Therefore, Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10, and then an update of the virus scanner. Further, to make a backup of his hard drives and use the Edge-browser user.

The possible suspect Microsoft try again, the urge users to Windows 10 , is rapidly cleared from the world. Security researchers at Trend Micro acknowledge the warning from Microsoft. Malicious vera leave Windows to open an error message, after which a connected USB device was not found. In the intermediate second data would be encrypted. The user should be careful with e-mail attachments, download software only from trusted sources and avoid dubious sites.

ZCrypt was one of the few so far blackmail Trojans, which can be further spread by itself. Most current antivirus software would indeed see several variations of ZCrypt, an antidote, there is not yet.

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