New Apple Patent Promises Earphone with Perfect Sound

Apple's next headphones

Apple has been awarded on Tuesday by the US Patent Office two patents. One of the two patents could already be used at the next or the next iPhone. The implementation of the other patent will have to wait a bit to be. The first new patent describes a waterproof speakers, while the second, more interesting patent promises perfect headphones.

Two new patents Apple reveal what the future might bring. The first patent describes a waterproof cover of the iPhone or iPad speakers. A special power to ensure that no more water to penetrate through the speakers in a device. Here Apple suggests two different variations: Once the network is hidden under the body frame. The other picture shows the network outside of the unit. The exciting Patent contrast promises perfect headphones.

The headphone patent has already been filed about three years ago, but only now Apple officially awarded. The patent describes a headset that is equipped with accelerometer sensor and bone conduction technology. The headphones would thus be able to ensure a nearly perfect background noise suppression – without passive assistance Noise-Canceling measures .

Perfect Headphones

Bone conduction is specifically speaking of great advantage. Because the microphone is able to measure directly to the bone, the voice, as when speaking vibrations through the skull bones are transferred. In this way all the noise could be filtered out completely. In addition, the headset is expected to speculation the website US AppleInsider be According also capable via the accelerometer in Earpod unspoken language, such as nodding or shaking the head to detect. If and when, however, Apple is implementing its new patents still unknown.

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