Ashley Madison :Online Hookup site is hacked!

Ashley Madison Online Hookup site is hacked!

The online dating website ‘Ashley Madison’ has been hacked by a group of unknown hackers recently. The hackers have claimed that they now have the possession of all the confidential information of the users of ‘Ashley Madison’. The famous website that helps the people to fulfill their lust, now on the verge of extinction as the hackers have threatened them to shut down their website if they don’t want to see the customers private information released online.

The hackers were trying to get into the server. In July, they announced that they had got into the servers of ‘Ashley Madison’ and ‘Established Men’ which is also a dating site. The hackers have threatened the parent of these sites- ‘Amid Life Media’, to block all the activities in order to protect the stolen information from being published online.

The hackers have claimed themselves as the ‘Impact Team’ and made it public on Tuesday that the time has come to end all the activities of the deceitful websites like ‘Ashley Madison’.

At first, it was considered as fake news, but after sometime, it was verified as true. The hackers now have the detailed information of the 32 million users of ‘Ashley Madison’. They stole 9.6 GB data from the server of the favourite hookup site.

Hackers now have the names of the users including their online username, personal address, contact numbers, and even their date of birth. The personal description of every user by which they used to express themselves and hook up with online partners, is also being hacked.

The stolen information includes the money transaction history of the users which they paid to the dating site. The last four digits of the credit cards of the users are also in the hands of the hackers now along with the username and passwords of the users by which they logged into the website.

If this information gets leaked in the online, not only the reputation of ‘Ashley Madison’ will greatly be hampered but also the image of the users will be devastated.

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