Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg expecting their first child

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg expecting their first child

The CEO of exceedingly popular social media ‘Facebook’, Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that he and Priscilla Chan are expecting a new member in their family. On a Facebook post, Zuckerberg has confirmed that Priscilla is pregnant with a baby girl. The couple has made a bold announcement as they have admitted that after three unfortunate miscarriages Priscilla has finally conceived.

The news got flashed on Friday when Zuckerberg gave an announcement on his Facebook account. He said that he and Priscilla would have a new beginning in their lives. He promised to give a better world to his child and to the generation who would descend from heaven in the future.

The inventor of Facebook explained that the couple had to endure some difficult periods as Priscilla failed to conceive for three consecutive times.

Having a baby, is the most precious gift a human being can get, according to Zuckerberg. He said that the news would give hope to a family. He also talked about the miscarriages of Priscilla. He said that people usually loved to avoid this issue because they thought it could make them feel imperfect. He made it very clear that people, who wouldn’t discuss the problem, might undergo a psychological breakdown. Priscilla and Zuckerberg also suffered from similar problem in their conjugal life.

According to a survey of the American Pregnancy Association, almost 10 -25% female suffers from miscarriages problem. Though it is common affair, people like to keep it among their family only. The best way to face the reality is by communicating with the family and friends to overcome the loss.

The couple attended Harvard, where they met each other back in 2003. Zuckerberg failed to complete his graduation as he got involved with the idea to create a social network where people could communicate with others which is now known as Facebook. Priscilla completed her graduation and joined UCSF, now she is a pediatrician.

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