Rebellion at the Reddit because of firing a co-ordinator

Rebellion at the Reddit

Reddit, literally known as the ‘front page of the internet’, is passing a tough time because of sacking the well-known community administrator Victoria Taylor without showing definite cause. The popular online news portal announced the news on Thursday about the sacking of the co-ordinator of well-liked subreddit /r/AMA. After that, many sub-forums got furious with the decision, and the moderators started to shut down their subreddits to show their solidarity.

Reddit has seen a lot of subreddits go down when the news went viral. Already some biggest subreddits, including cinema, gaming, history and science, have been closed and many others will join them, that’s for sure.

Victoria Taylor has been known for her bold activities in the AMA subreddits. The AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and she was the co-ordinator of this subreddit which usually asked the celebrities random questions originated by the reddit users. Even President Barack Obama answered questions for this subreddit. /r/IAMA was the first to revolt against the shocking incident of letting go of Taylor.

In 2012 the AMA had a private session with Barack Obama which was a key factor to increase the site’s popularity in the mass media. They even interviewed a man who had two penises back in 2014. A person with little knowledge Reddit can easily get a review of the work of this online news community.

The moderator of /r/IAMA subreddit, Karmanaut told that all the moderators were betrayed by this awful decision, and they couldn’t believe that they would have to experience such a devastating situation. The moderators heavily depend on Victoria’s support. Karmanaut also added that Victoria was the core of the AMA division, and without her, the AMA wouldn’t perform like they did over the past years. The moderators found Victoria in every troublesome situation.

The actual reason of sacking Victoria is still unknown. Reportedly, Victoria was under pressure to introduce some business material in the AMA.

Reddit authority still didn’t give any proper reason of the bizarre firing. Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit told that they didn’t want to comment on Victoria’s disposal. He believed that the AMA would survive without her involvements.

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