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Rest in Peace Roddy Piper

Rest in Peace Roddy Piper

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper is no more in this world. The legendary wrestler died last Thursday at the age of 61. The wrestling world is mourning for the loss of the veteran champion.

WWE authority has confirmed the news of the death of ‘Rowdy’ Roddy. Roddy was found dead at his house on Friday. He had a major heart attack while he was sleeping on Thursday night, according to TMZ.

Piper had a glorious career winning the WCW U.S. championship and being selected as Intercontinental Champion. He was inaugurated to the ‘WWE Hall of Fame’ for his dedication in the sport back in 2005.

He was known for the famous matches where he fought against the likes of Hogan Bret ‘The Hitman’. He used to wear a kilt and bring a traditional bagpipe along with him in the ring.

‘Rowdy’ Roddy became famous in the ‘70s. His performance impressed the present owner of WWE, Vincent McMahon. He fought in the WrestleMania along with Paul ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Orndorff against Mr. T and Hulk Hogan, which was the beginning match of one of the most famous sections of WWE. He was the one of the most despised villainous characters the ring had ever seen, according to the WWE. He joined the WWE in 1984 and continued till the end of 1989. He started to appear in the WCW throughout the ‘90s, but got back to the WWE in 2000.

The ‘Hot Rod’ was also known for his popular ‘Piper’s pit’ show where he was the host. He was a successful movie star and well-known for his appearance in the ‘They Live’ by John Carpenter.

He had suffered from Hodkins Lymphoma but successfully defeated the cancer just about nine months ago.

His family and friends expressed their grievances on the social media. His son Colt Toombs said that his father was his best pal and a great person to be around whom he would always miss.

His long-time rival Hulk Hogan was shocked by the news. He tried to console the family by reminding that he loved Roddy as a brother.

Vince McMahon said that Roddy had been a legend in the history of WWE and an entertaining personality the sport ever seen.

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