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Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life: Extra 40 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life

Longer battery life for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge: The Samsung hopes that the upcoming Android version 7.0 N. Reason: The TouchWiz Launcher then use this new hardware-oriented graphical interface volcano.

Galaxy S7: How much volcanic infected actually there?

One of the highlights of the alleged Galaxy S7 ‘s under the hood: the new graphics interface volcano . Although Samsung has stuck this feature on the screening of the S7 from the rooftops, the manufacturer, the new API does not even seem currently to be used for its own TouchWiz UI.
Otherwise it is difficult to explain that Samsung at its developer conference now proclaimed , by the use of volcano for calculating user could a Galaxy S7 Edge commented up to 40 minutes longer on a single charge. In the normal S7 this value is likely to be smaller because less capacity the battery has (17 percent).

6 percent more efficient with volcano

The processor compute tasks such as page scrolling and opening / closing of apps using volcano about 6 percent more efficient than under OpenGL. The measurements were carried out but on a prototype with non-finalem Home Launcher, which was only Touchwiz similar and not make the most of all volcanic features. The results can differ so later.

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