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Snapchat: The Seven Best Hacks


Photo snap, add text or emoji and already the snap is done. So many people use the popular photo and video-Messenger Snapchat. Here you can get out of his snaps so much more. Here are seven of the best Snapchat hacks to raise the snapping into an art form.

The Good Old Double

Although it can also switch to the small icon in the upper right corner between the front and rear camera, the switch out, however, faster and more convenient with a double Tipper on the display.

Ortsbasierte Filter

Who to select “Manage” selects the options which can enable there among other location-based filters. Then Snapchat accesses the current location of the user.Whoever wipes in a snap to the left or right, which may be there among other time, temperature, or even the name of the city show, in which he is presently operating.

Combine Filters

Who has a filter found, but, if you want to use still a second filter at the same time, the transfer can be a little trick. Just the first filter, stay with your finger on the screen and swipe again with another finger to the left or right. For example, two filters can be used simultaneously.

Insufficient Space for Text?

With a simple trick can be the default – rather short – Text length expand dramatically. Simply create more blank lines to an empty Notes document, copy it and then paste it in the Snap. Already you can tell a lot longer stories.

Who tapped once again to the “T” icon in the upper right corner, which can then arrange the writing freely, rotate and zoom in or out.

New Filters by emoji

Who wants to put an individual color filter over his Snaps, which may make regular use emoji. Just an emoji with desired color and this continues to raise the snap. The edges of the emoji are semi-transparent, so the appropriate color on the edge can be used as filters.

Who chooses emoji with transparent parts, which can then also create frames for pictures or example with the trash-Emoji display a grid on the snap.

Where are the Colors?

Drawing on a snap can be in all colors of the rainbow. Just tap on the color bar on the right side and leave your finger on the display. When wiping the screen, the selected color, which is in the small icon appears on the top right changes. So you can, for example, black or white paint.

Longer Videos

Ten-second clips are too short if you have a lot to tell. Therefore: iOS users start recording a video, then press twice in rapid succession on the home button to go to the Task view.

Until they now start Snapchat again, the clip is recorded. Send the longer shots can not be, however, as they are automatically shorted together again for ten seconds. In the stories, however, the video can be stored in full length.

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