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So Many Years You Live Longer If You Do This


It’s a battle as old as mankind: meat eaters versus vegetarians. “Why do not eat meat,” must one always answer – and rolls his eyes .

The meat eaters in turn has to listen again and again, how bad the animals that he gets to the plate. Thanks to an American collector study vegetarians can now draw a new, quite striking argument in the fight. Because this has shown that vegetarians live longer.

Are vegetarians better people?

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona looked to several previous studies . They wanted to find out in what context meat consumption is related to the occurrence of diseases and whether he is perhaps responsible for ensuring that we die sooner.

The study was appropriately titled the question “Bring meat to us?” . Well, maybe it does not generally, but at least some people die sooner than others – because they eat meat.


Overall, 1.5 million people were observed over a period of five and a half to 28 years for the different studies.

The studies were conducted in the US, in Europe and in China. Meat consumption of the subjects ranged from complete renunciation up to several times a day.

Vegetarians live on average 3.6 years longer

One of the controversial results: long-term vegetarian, so those who renounced longer than 17 years in the flesh, had on average a longer by 3.6 years of life expectancy.

The researchers were also concluded that those people who consume red meat every day, die earlier under certain circumstances. This fell on particularly in consumption of industrially processed, red meat.

Industrially processed meat and red meat could also be associated with cardiovascular disease. For other meat products this observation according to the study is not valid.

Vegans are the healthiest

But vegetarians do not yet live to the optimum: “Earlier clinical trials have shown that vegetarian or vegan diet the body mass index (BMI) is reduced, can counteract cardiovascular disease and both improvements in hypertension as well as in type 2 diabetes shows “, according to the study.

One of the studies reviewed also came to the conclusion that only vegan diet is associated with an optimal BMI . Positive effects are also possible in terms of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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