Undefeated Danny Garcia Stops Paulie Malignaggi

Undefeated Danny Garcia Stops Paulie Malignaggi

Brooklyn has witnessed the fight between the undefeated Danny Garcia and two time titlist Paulie Malignaggi on last Saturday at Barclays Center.

Garcia is now at 31 matches undefeated and Malignaggi drops to 33 wins and 7 losses. Garcia’s 18 out of 31 matches were straight knockouts. Most importantly Paulie Malignaggi has announced his retirement through this match. He belongs to Brooklyn and his career was started 14 years ago in this city. So he thinks that if he quits his career in his town through this match it would be memorable for him.

From the beginning Garcia wanted to dominate Malignaggi. But any how his punches were not as accurate as expected. They were not sharp, and the power was no longer there, not only in this particular match, but also his early matches he did not show much power.

Malignaggi was fighting for the first time in the last 14 months. And this detachment from the ring showed all over the match. For what he is known to the boxing world is that he can beat big men in boxing without using much power. What boxing lovers wanted for him as he was? Everyone was disappointed around the ring by not getting the exact Malignaggi.

Garcia and Malignaggi started their fight at once. Garcia had the better start we must say. On the third round, Garcia had a slight cut close to Malignaggi’s right eye. Following the several rounds, he continued hitting the same place and that gave him the confidence to win. Malignaggi tried to dominate by stepping aside from Garcia’s shots. He thought that it would be helpful for him if Garcia misses the most of the power punches which would lack his confidence level to take more power shots. Malignaggi used his best shot on the seventh round to Garcia’s right chin and Garcia took some time to overcome that hit. Garcia delivered some high power punches on the ninth round and that led him to the victory.

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