Horror game ‘Until Dawn’ Review & trailer (2015) :Can you make the teens survive?

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Sony finally brought the horror game ‘Until Dawn’ for the PlayStation 4 users. It’s a horror-thriller game where the players will have to make the eight teenagers survive a night. The players can play as one of the characters which will eventually change as the game progresses. The players will have to take serious decisions to protect himself along with his friends.

The plot of the game is based on a get-together party of eight prudent kids when they arrive at the Mt. Washington after a year. They visited the premises one year before, but things took a horrible turn when their two friends got lost and never been found. They want to forget the past and start anew, so they again arrive at the mountain to finally get over their dreadful past memories.

From this point, the game begins and the player can now choose a character to proceed in the game. The players will need to take vital decisions throughout the game, which might decide their fate. Every decision is important as it can make your friend die right before your eyes. So, you should think wisely before taking a single step because the very life of your friends depends on you. The more precise and correct decision you will take, the more the survival rate will increase. You will have to save as many as you can before the first rays of dawn hit the windows.

‘Until Dawn’ is more like a horror movie than a PS4 game. There are terrible horror sequences which will make you remember the scenes from movies like ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Saw’, but they have uniqueness as they are not exactly the same. Usually, in a horror film the audiences don’t have the capability to change the doom that is approaching, but in this game, you will get the privilege to take your own decisions to protect other seven characters, and survive till the dawn.

The gamer will have the opportunity to analysis the situation from every characters perspective which will create intriguing situations for the gamer to choose who should live and who should die.

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