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Weight Loss: What's the Nordic Diet? - NewsPad24
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Weight Loss: What’s the Nordic Diet?

Nordic Diet

Low carb, low calorie, fasting? Everything out. Who wants to be fit and healthy, has a new option: the Nordic Diet. We will answer all questions about the new trend diet.

What is the Nordic Diet?

The Nordic Diet refers to the traditional cuisine of the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark or Norway.Their inhabitants have always eaten lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and cereals and fish. Sugar and dairy products such as cream and butter, however, are poorly represented on the menu.

Are important in this form of nutrition that foods traditionally regional, seasonal and healthy are. Healthy fats and fiber are high on the list. Cabbage and root vegetables, wholemeal and fish staple food.

At least three times a week should fish are on the menu, for example, herring, salmon or trout. But that in Germany, the traditional meat must be the exception. And if pigs already put on the table, then at least bio.

Who buys regionally and eating, has the advantage that the products have no long transport routes behind.

Can I remove it?

In a study by the University of Copenhagen showed that “Nordic Eater”, people who follow this diet, decreased in half a year three times more than people who ate normally. And the count without the calories.

In this help, the various fiber, which is on the menu. Because these make full longer, than regular products.The researchers have during the study also found that the Nordic Diet easy to follow, since it contains many everyday foods that come anyway on the table in most households.

Is this lifestyle healthy?

In a comprehensive study of the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen showed that “Nordic Dieter” an up to 36 percent lower mortality rate had when Danes, who ate a lot of sausages, margarine, and sugar.

The cases of diabetes and heart attacks were less. In women, the cancer risk was low. However, it must be said that the “Nordic Dieter” overall sporty and educated.

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