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Why Should Immediately Delete Your Old Myspace Account

Myspace Account

It was once the ultimate social network: MySpace. Millions of users have exchanged over the network or communicating with artists. While it has long been overtaken by Facebook, but still many have a more or less active account with MySpace. If you also still have a profile, then you should delete it immediately.

Because MySpace is like a hacker attack victim. According to the US online magazine Motherboard 427 million passwords and 360 million e-mail addresses have been hacked.

According to the hacker database LeakedSource data for 2,800 US dollars on the underground platform “The Real Deal” will be on sale.

Same as hackers LinkedIn

The social network is to have low safety standards and be therefore been an easy target – the most popular passwords include password1, ABC 123 or 123456. According to information from the network MySpace has 50 million active members.

The hacker will be the same person that the recently hacked career network LinkedInhas. In the attack on LinkedIn to have been stolen over 117 million passwords and user data.

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