Zombies are back with the opening episode of Fear The Walking Dead: Trailer

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The first episode of Fear The Walking Dead got aired. The directors, who have already confirmed that this series won’t be a spin-off of well-known TV series ‘Walking Dead’, proved to be true after watching the first episode.

Dave Erickson said that this series wouldn’t provide the hostile bestiality of the zombies too much; rather it would be a family show.

The first episode ‘Pilot’ didn’t bring a bunch of crazy lifeless zombies who just want to have a piece of your flesh. In fact, it introduced the audiences with an eccentric family consist of a middle aged schoolteacher mother Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), her colleague-cum-boyfriend Travis (Cliff Curtis) and the former’s two children who are barely in the teenage stage. The opening episode gave an idea that the show wouldn’t provide too much binge-eating zombies. The first episodes threw some light upon the cause of this horrific situation. There seems to be a wide-spreading virus which is causing the transformation from human being to dead-walking zombies.

The plot of this new series will gradually develop guessing from the portrayal of the first episode. Obviously, it will try to avoid any kind of inclination with ‘The Walking Dead’. The characters were slowly introduced, and it seems that their significance will be brought out in the course of time. People are starting to freak out about the deadly virus which will eventually change the course of human history.

The fans witnessed that the zombies are coming out slowly as one policeman confronted a dead-walker. The photo of a zombie got viral over the internet, but produced vain ideas among the users; mostly thinking that the whole zombie picture was some kind of prank. People are yet to witness the zombies walking in front of them, attacking them with an intention to grab a slice of human flesh. The story of the series will be unfolded in the forthcoming episodes, but the intriguing opening episode made the fans thinking how people will grasp fear they are about to experience.

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